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Events for Children and Youth
Free Community Movies on the First Saturday of Each Month

Earthquake Recovery Plan from Give Ye Them to Eat
Common Hope: Adalia has Graduated!
Common Hope: A Visit with Edgar

United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women
Knitters and Crocheters Needed!

Merry Methodist Trips

Sunday Worship Schedule
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We Are The Cereal Church
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Free Community Movies on the First Saturday of Each Month


Free family-friendly movies are shown on the first Saturday of every month to anyone who wants to come and watch. There is no charge for admission; children should be accomplanied by an adult. Movies are shown on the 30 foot wide screen in Faith Fellowship Hall through a high-definition laser projector with crisp surround sound. It's a movie theater experience in our own relaxed, local uptown atmosphere. Children (and adults) are welcome to bring bean bag chairs or pillows and blankets for the movie. The morning movie is geared towards adults, and the afternoon movie is geared toward kids, but all movies are family-friendly.

Low cost refreshments are available for purchase (cash only). Proceeds go toward funding youth Sierra Service Project mission outreach trips in the summer. Learn more about Sierra Service Project here.

The Fellowship Hall is located at the corner of Adams and Acacia Streets. Doors open at 30 minutes before showtime; get there early for the best seas!

Click here for the movie schedule.



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Contratulations to Adalia on Her Graduation!

An update from Carole Jones-Grassl:

This is Adalia holding her autobiography, which is a graduation requirement. It was chosen out of 200+ as an example of what these senior projects should look like and contain. She continues to be enthusiastic about her formal education and has EXCELLENT grades. She plans to go on to university studies. In my experience in this life, Adalia comes close to defining 'miracle'. It is such a privilege to know her and her family. We are blessed at the UMCOY to be a part of this young woman's life. The support given to her from our congregation through Common Hope has facilitated this miracle. Praise be to God!! She has 4 siblings two of whom have gotten needed wheel chairs through Common Hope and our support. When I met her, all 7 family members lived in a dirt floor one room 'house'. Common Hope helped them find more adequate housing, and they now live in much better rooms on the roof of another house. However, the narrow stairway leading to the roof house means carrying the wheelchair bound siblings up and down. It is very narrow, and barely fits. Adalia takes the support given her and multiplies it through diligent hard work and thankfulness. She will graduate in November, and perhaps some in the congregation might want to attend. We can all celebrate her and thank God for this ongoing opportunity through Common Hope to effect change in destitute situations. Blessings to each precious person in our UMCOY congregation.

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Merry Methodist Outings

The Merry Methodists organize monthly group trips to interesting local destinations, such as museums, historical and cultural centers, and more.

For current trip information, please contact Amy Bahnson. Upcoming trips include a trip to Big Bear Lake, and more.

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Knitters and Crocheters Needed !

The United Methodist Women of Yucaipa have joined the D.O.V.E. Fund (Development of Vietnam Endeavors) Bandage Brigade to make Crocheted or Knitted Bandages for Vietnamese People Suffering from Leprosy. Click here for detailed information regarding the D.O.V.E. Fund and Pattern Instructions for the bandages. Please give completed bandages to Aleta Kerker before October 30, 2016. Thank you!

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Sunday Worship Schedule

A Hymn Sing at 9:15am will warm up your voices and hearts for Worship, which normally is from 9:30am to 10:30am.

After Worship, move over to the Fellowship Hall for coffee and conversation and then join a Sunday School / Bible Study class from 10:45am -11:45am. Sunday School classes include book discussions, video series, and more for all ages.

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UMCoY Goes Green!

In an effort to reduce waste, save trees, and cut down on printing expense, bulletin and newsletter printing will be cut back. The Order of Worship is available from the main website page so that you can easily follow along on your PDA, but Sunday Bulletins are also available at the door if you prefer to have a paper copy. The worship order is also displayed on the screens.

Newsletters will be printed in black and white, but can be read on from the website in color.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us reduce costs and paper waste!

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Welcome Pastor Phillips

We are delighted that Rev. Phillips Whang and his family will be at Yucaipa UMC for another year! You can read his messages in the monthly newsletter, and listen to his sermons online! Pastor Phillips wants you to know that he is here to serve the congregation and community.

Please feel free to contact him if you need anything:
cell phone: 951 217 9701
home phone: 951 776 2396

If you have questions, please contact the office.

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A Visit with Edgar

Carole Jones, and Sarah and Alan VanTassel recently were able to include a visit to Edgar and his family (one of our children sponsored through Common Hope). Thanks for sending the pictures, Carole!

Our sponsored child's home. Sarah, little sister, Dad, big brother,. Carole, Edgar. Mom and big sister had not arrived home from the hospital yet. A very difficult life, made better by our helping Edgar go to school.


Edgar and family. Dad was home because Mom had been in hospital for 4 days due to a tooth extraction infection. 4 days without income from mom and 2 days with dad off work because mom wasn't there at home and necessary preparations for getting kids to school on the first day were left up to dad. The new school year started last Th. Mom came home from hospital just as we were starting to end our visit. She had to walk up a daunting hill and down an equally difficult incline into their property upon being released from hospital. Common Hope social worker promised to keep in touch and deliver another food basket if it was needed. I bought a basic food basket on behalf of our church to give when we visited. Edgar is doing well in school. They remain extreemly thankful to God and to our congregation for the opportunity we provide for Edgar to study ,Get medical support, and partial medical help for the whole family. I will send a few more photos in different e mails. Blessings on our church family as we pull together to share God's love here in Guatemala.


Sarah, Edgar and Carole


Carole Jones was also able to visit Adalia (in yellow) and most of her family. Adalia is our other student sponsored by our church family through Common Hope. She is pictured with most of her family, except Dad and Dorcas, who now gets regular physical tharapy and will be offered special education opportunities soon.due to our contributions to Common Hope. Its a real testimony to how small change can make big changes.

You can help support our two Common Hope children by making a donation to our church and designating the funds to Common Hope. Learn more at the Common Hope website!


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Events for Children and Youth

Free Saturday Movies
The first Saturday of every month, there is a free family friendly movie shown on the 30 foot wide big theater screen in Fellowship Hall, which offers excellent surround-sound and a high-definition laser projecttion system for excellent movie quality in a relaxed atmosphere. Children should be accompanied by an adult, and are welcome to bring bean bag chairs or other comforts.

Low-cost refreshments are available, and refreshment profits go toward the youth summer SSP mission trip.

Small Popcorn - $1
Large Popcorn -$2
All-Beef Foot-Long Hot Dog - $3
Trail Mix, Fruit, or Candy Bar - $1
Soda, Bottled Drinks, or Bottled Water = $1
Coffee and Pastries available at the morning shows

Morning shows start between 10:00 and 10:30am, and afternoon shows start at 2:00 pm. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Click here for the movie schedule! Contact Breanna Hinckley for addition details or movie suggestions.


EPIC Youth Fun!

On normal Sundays, come downstairs for Sunday EPIC Youth Group time right after worship in Cremer Lounge - 10:45am - 11:45am. Have fun with your friends, and get closer to God.

We are signed up to go to SSP at Tsaile, Arizona for Week 4 in 2018: July 21 - July 29. There are only a few spaces left; $50 reserves your place for the best week of your summer! Talk to Deb if you need more information.

The EPIC Youth World Vision 30 Hour Famine adventure is February 17-18, 2018. Meet in Fellowship Hall for a kickoff breakfast at 7:30 am, and we stop eating at 8:00 am. There will be lots and lots of fun, including tie-dye, service journeys, movies, learning, and fun games like Tribe and Malaria Tag. Download the information sheet with Permission Slip here.

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United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women

United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women are groups that combine social outreach with education and mission projects. It's a great opportunity for fellowship, fun, and growing our faith.

The United Methodist Men meet for breakfast on the third Saturday of each month 8:00 am at the Oak House Restaurant on Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa.

The United Methodist Women has two groups that meet. The Dorcas Circle meets at Louise Gorin's home on the third Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am, and the Susanna Wesley Circle meets in different homes on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.

Call the office for more specific information about any of these groups. All are welcome to join in!


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Give Ye Them To Eat !

Read the Epicenter Update from GYTTE about the earthquake damage and their current needs.

Read the Spring 2016 Newsletter from GYTTE. What great things they are doing!

Development programs like GYTTE provide skills for transformation. Dry composting toilets, medical training, better housing, and better farming techniques help make life better throughout rural areas. People can help themselves, their family, and community within their own culture and country, making it unnecessary to cross national borders in search of employment.

Give Ye Them To Eat is an approved Advance Special of the General Board of Global Ministries. That means they have the approval of the GBGM of the United Methodist Church to raise mission funds in support of this ongoing outreach ministry. Consequently, we are asking you to seriously consider making a donation, as soon as you are able, so the GYTTE staff can continue preparing people for sustainable living and community service in Mexico.

Ways to Give

Online with a Credit Card

Mail Your Check

Through Our Church

Give a gift online by going to, clicking on How to Give and Donate Online from the blue menu bar, and typing in Give Ye Them To Eat, #07629A.

Credit card gifts can also be given over the phone by calling
(888) 252-6174 .

To send a check by mail, make your check payable to Advance GCFA and write Give Ye Them To Eat, #07629A on the memo line. Send your donation to:
Advance GCFA
P.O. Box 9068 GPO
New York, NY 10087-9068

Write a check to our church (UMCOY)and write GYTTE on the memo line. Put it in the offering, or bring it to the office. The church will send 100% of your donation to the Advance for the Give Ye Them to Eat program.

100% of your donation will reach the GYTTE program in Mexico. Thank you. Muchas Gracias.

Field Office Address:
GYTTE / Hendersons
Perote No. 1, Col.
La Paz Puebla
Puebla 72160 Mexico

Web Site:


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Giving Out of Our Abundance

Even the poorest in our society is rich by global standards. Much of the world subsists on less than $2 a day. How much is that? Well, if you only make $10,000 a year, that's still $27 a day. If you are a teenager with a part time job and only make $5000 a year, that's still over $13.50 a day. Two dollars a day is less than $750 a year in income.

Those of us that have clean water, shelter, police and fire services, sanitation, daily food, education, freedom to worship, freedom of speech, and government elections are truly blessed. And all that we possess are gifts entrusted to us by God. We have not collected our possessions and wealth, large or small, on our own, but through the grace and circumstances given to us by God. Being born in the United States provides substantial opportunity, even for the poor. God has designed each of as as unique individuals with capabilities and intelligence, and every unique aspect of our personality make us special. Do we value what God has created in us? How do we show our thanks? God asks that we give a tithe back to Him, and when we are faithful in our giving, He is faithful in supplying our needs. God is good... all the time.

We need to support the financial needs of our own church. The Bible recommends giving 10% of our income, and we should all do that as a minimum. But if we even gave half that, our church would have enough money to meet the ongoing needs to fulfill our mission. We need to remember that this is our church, take ownership, and make the sacrifices that are necessary to support God's work here in Yucaipa!

Please help to ensure that our church has a strong financial future so that we can successfully meet the needs of our members and our community. Look from your heart at what you contribute to our church. There are many things that you can contribute in addition to your financial resources... your time, your talents, and your presence. God has greatly blessed us all. Please prayfully consider what you will commit to give back to God and step out on faith to give God's portion first. You will be continue to be blessed beyond measure.


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We Are The Cereal Church!

The United Methodist Men are working with the Interfaith Community Support Center for the Yucaipa valley (ICSC) to help provide their breakfast cereal needs. The ICSC is open Monday from 11:00am to 3:30pm, Tuesdays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and Thursdays from 11:30pm to 3:30pm. The ICSC provides up to a 3 day supply of food for local families that need a little assistance to tide them over. Having one central food distribution center allows more efficient collection and distribution of food to those in need.

How can you help? Each time you shop, pick up an extra box or two of cereal. On the second Sunday of each month, bring the cereal to the church. The United Methodist Men will transport all our cereal donations to the center.

What else can you do? Call Susan Walker at the center (797-0007) and volunteer your time, or bring food donations. They have a refrigerator and freezer if you have perishable donations, but call before you bring them to make sure they have room. If you have fruit trees with extra produce, you can bring the fruit in or call the center to have someone come and pick it for you.

They are especially in need of:

boxed cereal

macaroni and cheese

peanut butter

Top Ramen


Tuna Helper

canned meat (e.g.: tuna, Spam, chicken)


canned chili or beef stew

frozen entrees

If your donations aren't too large, you can leave them in the church office during regular business hours. You can also donate cash or Stater Brothers Scrip Cards so they can purchase needed items. They are located behind the St. Francis Xavier Cabrini Catholic Church at 12687 California Street, Yucaipa.

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Practice Alternative Giving!

How would Jesus Christ celebrate special occasions if he were here on the earth today? Would he buy lots of presents, or would he get to the heart of the matter? We are on this earth to love and care for each other, and Jesus Christ does walk this earth today... within each of us, in our hearts and in our actions.

This year, we hope that you will find an occasion to donate to a charitable organization and help someone who is truly in need to celebrate Christ! What more precious gift could you give than the knowledge that a family will be able to provide nutritious food and education to their children through the gift of a goat, a heifer, or a flock chickens through Heifer International? Or help World Vision to provide children with sustainable hope for the future in sticken areas of the world? Or help Miracle Garden provide tsumani orphans with ongoing safety and Christian education in India? Or to help a struggling family toward the pride and stability of home ownership through Habitat for Humanity? Or to help lodge families struggling through devastating health problems with a donation to Ronald McDonald House? Or, you could choose to help improve the lives of many of our less fortunate neighbors in Mexico though Give Ye Them to Eat. There are many options for alternative giving... you can even write in your own non-profit organization, such as World Vision or another charity. Whatever your choice, you will be demonstrating Christ's love in a way that will make him proud to call you his own.

When you complete the gift order form and return it to the church with your donation, we will make a customized card, letter or certificate to give that explains your gift. This is a wonderful opportunity to live your faith!

Download the Alternative Gift Order Form

Every day we have is a gift from God. What we do with that day is our gift back to Him. The hands He has given you are the hands that He uses to change the world, a little bit at a time. Make a difference! Volunteer your time, talents and resources to things that need to be done around church, or to any of the organizations that make a positive differene in the lives of others. If you need some ideas, here are some worthy organizations.

Mahatma Ghandi said, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." It's easy to criticize, but it's a real challenge to make the world a better place. You can do it! And you'll feel better for it!

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